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Seoul Culture Club

Seoul Culture

Korea is becoming more and more multicultural, with a growing influx of people from diverse cultural backgrounds that find their home here for work, education, and/or family relationships. While the recognition and popularity of Korean culture is trending up worldwide, the exposure of the mainstream society-at-large to cultural influences from abroad has been largely bounded to those from the U.S. and other major ‘powers.’  

Uncertainty Principle Creative Collective (“UP Collective” for short) is organizing “Seoul Culture Club,” with the goal of creating a communal venue for artists of all backgrounds to showcase, exchange, and celebrate their artistic and cultural expressions. 


Tae Kyung Kim

"We hope that this will be just the beginning of a platform for global artists based in Korea, as well as a grass-roots, independent source of entertainment

and arts for the local public."


Justin Nemeth

"This event will serve as a collective venue for immigrants, like myself, to engage with multicultural communities and Korean natives in the exchange of their cultural arts"

Seoul Culture Club Performance

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