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Green Theater - CRIP
(Carbon Reduction Incentive Program)


Program #1

1.  Per each week, the total amont of waste discharge generated in Eulji Space shall not exceed one regular-size Seoul trash bag (50 liters) and one recyclable garbage bag (80 liters), including all things such as stage set-up and materials, props, delivery food packages and waste, disposable cups, costumes, pamphlets and other unused print materials, things thrown away by audience members, etc.  


2. Every person of the performance team must make a pledge before the beginning of the rental period.  We will work in an honor system -- every piece of waste generated will count toward the limit!  

3. There will be some specific operational tasks, such as designating a person-in-charge, submission of pledges, and archiving and providing photo records of meals.

Program #2

1. All meals (and other food) during production hours (performance or other related activities) must be at least pescotarian (meaning no meat, but seafood, dairy, and/or eggs allowed).  


2. The commitment applies to all hours during the performace, practices, rehearsals, production meetings, parties, and any wrap-up meetings.

 - If there are more than one rental applications for the same time period, we may give priority to the team that commits to strictly plant-based meals (so no seafood, diar or eggs).

3. The production team will submit pledges from all participants, designate a "meal manager," and submit photographs of meals as proof of compliance.


Eulji Space Theater

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