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Eulji Space

From an ironworks street to a complex art space

<Eulji Space> is a complex art space centered around a small theater that opened in the summer of 2018.

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Environmental sustainability

Respect and hospitality without distinction

Creative complex art space

We are continuously thinking about and practicing environmentally sustainable creative and space management methods, such as using LED lighting in the theater, operating a vegan-oriented restaurant, and discounting performance team rental fees to minimize carbon emissions.

We pursue the value of coexistence where everyone can get along without creating barriers based on age, nationality, gender, language, race, species, or other differences.

Participating in and enjoying various arts and cultural events, including plays, performing arts, music, food and drink, cultural gatherings, books, creative spaces, and work spaces, as an audience, customer, or artist.

공간 소개


<Eulji Art Salon> It has been in operation since May 2023, and currently, play reading groups, reading groups, art workshops, and art exhibitions are being planned. It shares the 3rd floor with the office space of “Creative Group Uncertainty Principle”, the operator of Eulji Space.


​Eulji Art Salon


<Eulji Space Small Theater Black Box> is the only performing arts small theater in Euljiro

where the layout of the audience and stage is not fixed.

It is a space that can be transformed and utilized in various forms. 




<On the Move> is a bar and restaurant located on the 5th floor and rooftop of Eulji Space. You can enjoy vegetarian meals and snacks with various drinks on the rooftop with a great view. We have a cost-effective wine list carefully selected by a certified sommelier.


On The Move

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