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Uncertainty Principle Creative Collective


Uncertainty Principle Creative Collective (“UPCC”) is a performance arts group based in Eulji Space. It began in May 2020 with the creation and performance of the two-person play “Confessions of Maupassant.” Since then, it has created and put on stage a number of new plays, including dramatic plays and documentary plays, as well as some immersive theater plays that utilize the spatial characteristics of Eulji Space.


In addition, UPCC collaborates with a number of other artists to plan and produce

produce other types of performances and events, such as performing arts festivals, film screenings, play readings, book talks, book readings, and writing clubs. 


UPCC is also the entity responsible for the overall operation of Eulji Space behind the scenes. It welcomes all inquiries from artists and other community members about creating something together at Eulji Space.


We look forward to hearing from and meeting you. (Inquiries can be sent to

​Works of UPCC

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