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Monthly play March – props for four Walt McGough films

Period: March 9, 2022 to March 10, 2022.

Performance Organization: Principles of Uncertainty in Creative Groups

Directed by: Jang Jung In

Written by: Walt McGough

Starring: Kim Nam-hyun, Kim Tae-hyung (Conan), Kim Tae-hyung (Ogong), Shin Soo-young, Jang Jung-in, Choi Gun-jae, Jihoon Choi

Production, technology, Jeon Jung-hyun

Translated by Shin Ju-hoon, Kim Tae-hyung (Conan)

Sponsored by 15-minute theater festival x Incheon

This is a work by American playwright Walt McGough's four props, "Two Socks Discuss Loss", "Sweeping", "Dinosaur's Request", and "Low Height Far". "Sweeping" was performed in a small theater by adding choreographic direction to Walt McGough's work, and "Sweeping" was directed by adding surround sound effect in the rooftop room of Eulji space. "Low Height, Far Away" was conducted as an outdoor rooftop performance. Dinosaur, the speaker of "Dinosaur's Request", connected between each work in a way that continued his story, while guiding the audience's movement to the place.

공연장 1열 | 단편연극 [두짝의 양말 상실을 논하다+공룡의 요청 Part 1] | 월간연극 3월 - 월트 맥고의 4개 소품

공연장 1열 | 단편연극 [싹쓸이+공룡의 요청 Part 2] | 월간연극 3월 - 월트 맥고의 4개 소품

공연장 1열 | 단편연극 [저높이 저멀리+공룡의 요청 Part 3] | 월간연극 3월 - 월트 맥고의 4개 소품

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